Sunday, September 01, 2013


Sometimes, they left no marks. The bruises didn't show on any visible parts, so they were easy to deny. But sometimes, she found bruises in unexpected places. Places she wondered to herself how they'd ever gotten hit. How'd anyone manage to put a fist-shaped black, blue, and yellow mark on the fleshy part of her hip?

There were marks too she'd put there herself, to see how much pain she could tolerate without crying. She didn't cry when her arms bled. The only things that brought tears were the bruises, because no one else could see them.

The change happened so gradually, she didn't realize it until it was too late. By then, the lead weight around her throat closed in, tighter and tighter. She willed herself to wake, to work, to breathe. The heart must beat. The lungs must fill with air. Each step, no matter how painful, might be the one that finally brought relief.

She knew it would happen like this: After a long, difficult day, she'd bake a cake. A chocolate one, slathered in thick buttercream. Maybe with swirls, or perhaps with the tines of a fork dragged across it to form neat rows. It would be the best cake anyone had ever tasted, and praise would finally come. "You've done a great job!" and "I knew you could do it!"

Everything would go back to normal. No more angry words. No slights, real or perceived. No more bruises, please no more bruises. The weights would be undone, and her life would be her own again.

Until then, she clutched at the string of lead weights, tucking a finger between the tightening cord and the softness of her throat. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Right Stuff

This isn't a post; it's a rant.

Why is it that people seem inordinately proud of ignoring the right way to do things? They cite time crunch, other important things to do, random weasels, and all it comes down to is laziness. They are too fucking lazy to do things the right way because it's not important to them in the moment.

Down the road when it is important, vastly and expensively and desperately important, it's someone else's job to fix their shit.

I don't "argue about procedure" because I am a pendantic bitch. I bring it up because refusal to follow the rules gets people into a bind. Things can't happen because someone's decided their Facebook time, or their discussions about other things, is waaaaay more important than completing our tasks correctly.

And truly, it bugs the shit out of me. This is the actual crux of my whole depression. I have no idea what's right or wrong any longer. I believe standards exist to provide everyone a pathway to excellence. But it increasingly feels as though no one else does. This makes me fretful. Am I honestly doing the right thing by following the rules? If I don't follow the rules, what would happen? Nothing bad ever seems to happen to the rule-flaunters.

Everyone takes short cuts, and those short cuts end up creating larger problems down the road. Don't document your stuff? Then how can other people figure out what you meant, how you meant to do it, or whether it's been done? Don't update anything? Copy and paste? Leave someone else's indentification tags so no one can tell who's responsible when something breaks?

Over the past couple of weeks, we've had those last minute, expensive, drop-everything-else fixes. And do you know what? None of them were needed for stuff I'd done, because I followed the procedures in the first place.

Why bother anymore? Why do I even bother?

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hello, Kitty

This is the story of a dog without a name. Someone noticed her tied to a box in her yard, with a few scraps of dried-out bread nearby. She asked the owner if she could have the dog, and was told yes.

She went into a foster home, where they named her "Angel," but she didn't answer to that name, or anything else. She picked up enough weight in one week there to cover her ribs, though, and she started perking up.

Meanwhile, in Hampden Place, I followed all the adoptable dogs Donna posted on her Facebook page. Some were soooo cute! And others just seemed like too much effort if I wanted an actual dog. Working long hours and such, I needed to ensure any dog I got would be low maintenance and low energy. Kinda like me. :D

Did I really want a dog? Did I? I waffled for a bit, but then decided that adopting a rescue would be good for me, as well as for the dog. I am still depressed, and I need something to lift me out of myself, to force me to wake up on time and do things on a schedule. Cats are pretty time-agnostic. But a dog... a dog needs a human to care for it. Dogs are so dependent upon us! The more I thought about it, the more I realized a dog would help me more than therapy or perhaps even medication. All I need was the right dog.

And then, I met her. Donna told me if I wanted a dog to look at several before making a choice, but my heart melted completely for this poor, neglected scrap. She's a year-old (approximately) and has already had a litter of puppies. Where her pups went, who can say? I wouldn't be surprised if they died due to their mom's malnutrition.

Despite the rough life she led, she's a very sweet girl. Since she wasn't answering to Angel, I chirruped at her, "Kitty!" and she turned her head to look at me. Thus, I have a dog named Kitty, which confused the little boy down the street, and draws smiles from adults who think I'm crazy.

Well, I am. I've already spent about a thousand dollars on her gear and goods. She's gone from nothing but bread to Dog Chow to now the most expensive dog food in the world. :D She's got a lovely crate in which to repose (though she prefers the leather rug in the front room). She's started wagging her tail when she sees me, falling over herself to lick my hands and legs, little doggie kisses of gratitude for buying her kibbles, toys (that she doesn't know what to do with yet), obedience lessons, and soon, a spay!

The cats at Hampden Place are confused by the new arrival, who at 33 pounds, is three times as large as they are. But Kitty is patient and shy, and she lets them sniff her and run away. And she's learned that Melody is not to be approached lightly as she will swipe anything she's unsure of with the flying fickle paw of fate.

The nice thing about Kitty is how mellow she is, despite being so abused. She sleeps quite a bit (other than her first night, when she paced frantically; and then there was that run three blocks away to the Avenue while I ran desperately after her clutching her leash). A downside is she's not interested in learning how to sit or pay attention to me, but advice from the dog-lovers I know indicates she just needs time to realize she's safe with me, and no one will hit her, or starve her, or leave her tied to a box for days.

I already love her so much, and am so thankful she's kept me thinking about what she needs, pulling me more out of the nothingness which enveloped me for so long. We're rescuing each other, and I like that.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

In Which Only Happy Things Exist

My most recent bestest creation and third place finisher at the 2013 Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival! Eeee! Most exciting revelation: I know how to spin, and am quite good at it. :)
Observe the fine thread. The gloss of silk and the rich rust color of the fiber. I used a drop spindle for this, which is unusual for me as I'd had such trouble with that method of spinning until this year.

Which makes it sound as though I've been spinning forever, but I didn't start until last April or so, borrowing Molly's wheel and then going to The Mannings to pick out one for my very own. Lenny, as he's known, is very dependable and cute, spending most of his time in the living room with me, the cats, and the fibers.

But earlier this year, I decided to attend the Madrona Fiber Festival in Tacoma, combining my love of fiber with a much-needed visit home to see Candyce. There, I learned how to use a drop spindle from the lovely women in the Spindlewood booth, and left the festival with two of their spindles and a considerable quantity of various wools.
I also got to semi-Kinnear the Yarn Harlot. It's not a true Kinnear, as I had to ask her to stand still for a moment so I could get the shot. She's very mobile!

This post is sort of the Memento of my last year, since it starts with my recent spinning achievement and works its way backwards in time. :)

I've done some knitting too, but this past 12-month is really marked by my shift to spinning. I'd always loved watching people spin, and it was so relaxing to let my mind drift while I turned little bits of fluff into something completely different.

And my year isn't all about knitting and or spinning, either. While not a luminary in the game world, I've done a couple of presentations that seemed to be well-received. And while I haven't been in the public eye much while our game was unannounced, I was pleased to be invited by an actual game luminary, Richard Dansky, to come speak at the East Coast Game Conference last month.

I like public speaking, especially on topics I enjoy. My presentation was about creating memorable NPCs in games, and folks seemed to like it, which was nice. I found I missed talking to other people about working in the games industry, people who love games and want to work on them, or learn more about working on them.

Good things happened to me in the past year, and that's been very pleasant.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Story, Story, Story

Sometimes, I think of myself as a writer. I re-read what I've done, my "body of work" such that it is, and imagine that it's so awesome, clearly I am a writer! A good writer!

And then I read something really good. Something that simultaneously rips my heart to shreds with its honesty, and makes me laugh with its cleverness.

I came late to Hyperbole and a Half, from the point actually where she had stopped posting. I remember exactly when, because Anna needed to have all four of her wisdom teeth removed, and thus, she showed me Parp, and my life changed.
We'd wander around, Anna and me, randomly saying, "Parp?" to each other, and giggling.

This was before she even had her post-surgery meds, but long after I'd started taking Lexapro.

Ooh, yeah. Lexapro. I owe my life to this little tiny pill of almost-normalcy. For a long, long while, I couldn't sleep. I'd be up at night, wishing I could sleep, and when I finally did, my nightmares would wake me in a cold sweat. Days drifted past in a sleepy fog. I stopped showering regularly because I couldn't get out of bed in time to do so before work, and when I came home, the last thing I wanted to do was anything that involved standing up.

And so, I knew about Hyperbole and a Half, and once I'd finished saying "Parp?" all the time, I read the rest of it. It's really good.

Allie, who writes it, suffers from depression. And, as you may guess, so do I. Her expressiveness, both in her art and her words, leave me gasping both in awe and with laughter. Except that she's been suffering quite a bit, and during nearly the same recent length of time I have. And when I reached the last post in her blog, it was like I'd reached myself. My own story (except the part about biking; I don't know how to ride a bike).

Meanwhile, I continued to do things, to go about being as normal as possible.

But I've felt like I've been living two lives. One in which I'm happy and do things I enjoy, like knitting, spinning, going on road trips with my yarn peeps... and another, sinister one in which I barely get out of bed each morning and where standards of personal and home hygiene are irrelevant.

In November, things just went from bad to worse. There's a point where you believe you could not get any worse... and then you do. Little things, busy things, every single thing. So I returned to the doctor and got a bigger prescription for Lexapro, and also one for valium, because my anxiety and panic would choke me during the day, keep me up at night, and some days, I just wished life would go away. Pooft! Just go away and leave me be!

I took some medical leave so I could stop thinking about all the things I had to do, and all the ways I could keep myself from doing them, and whatever else it was that went on inside the darkest folds of the little grey cells. When I went to work, if I found myself overwhelmed, I had permission to leave... and I often did.

Except, you can't always run away, especially when you don't know why you're running, or where you'll end up when you stop.

Which brings me around again to Allie, of Hyperbole and a Half. It's a circle!
I cried and cried while reading her post. As I was at work, I had to go to the bathroom to finish crying. She says everything, everything, everything about my last year or so. About her last year or so. It's my life, and hers, and millions of others, through the lens of a much better writer.

And that's the most frustrating thing about depression. It isn't always something you can fight back against with hope. It isn't even something — it's nothing. And you can't combat nothing. You can't fill it up. You can't cover it. It's just there, pulling the meaning out of everything.
-- Allie Brosh
I've been in therapy for the past several months, and it's helped me a lot. My last utter and complete meltdown happened in March. And by meltdown, I mean sobbing on the floor at work, barely coherent meltdown, because at various points in the void, you don't care what things may or may not do to your career.

Things are getting better, slowly and mostly steadily. It's hard to know what will happen day to day.

Later, a post in which the side of myself that did things and went places gets to tell the story. It won't be as good as Allie Brosh, but it'll be a story nonetheless.

(drawings from Hyperbole and a Half, copyright Allie Brosh)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Not dead. Not yet, anyway. :)

I'm not sure why I stopped posting, but I'll blame games, spinning, knitting, and illness for my absence.

And when I have more time, I will fully explain all my obsessions!


Especially spinning. :) It's my latest hotness. I lubs it.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Post-Mass Effect 3 Life :D

Is there such a thing? Is there?

I've actually played several more times, stopping before I get to the end. I wanted to see all the various relationships playing out over time. And, in fact, played through ME2 once more just to have a Garrus romance option for ME3. Heh.

The one that proved hardest to complete was the renegade option. Every time I turned my back on a team mate, I felt like such an incredible jerk. I chose not to save Grissom Academy and whenever the news report played as I ran around the Citadel, it reminded me of that decision. Later on, when you encounter the aftermath of that choice, I expected some payoff... and was disappointed.

I felt the weight of the decision all the way, and the emotional impact was tough on me. Anna came across me with tears rolling down my cheeks a couple of times, mainly because of the krogan storyline and what you end up having to do to hold the renegade line. I even stopped playing for several days because I was too wracked to go further.

And yet, I couldn't keep away. :) I had to see how the other Shepards I'd created would find their interactions affected by the various nuances. So on many levels, the game did succeed to draw me in to the relationships. I still see a bunch of flaws in the execution of it, but I'm not as upset as I was the first go through.

Besides, I have other things to do beyond Mass Effect! Srsly!

I knit a lovely little scarf called Yaprakli Baktus. Our knitting group did a semi-knit-along wherein several of us knit variations of the Baktus scarf.

I did mine in a lovely cotton yarn I'd gotten at the Homespun Yarn Party last year. It turned out really well, considering that somewhere along the way I started adding things to the pattern repeats, and completely messed up one of the edges while watching Downton Abbey. :)

Another little project: Cat Socks! So cute! They're a bit short for me, so I'll probably gift this pair and make another one for myself later. I've loved the little paw on the bottom of these socks ever since I first saw them a couple of years ago. They did turn out fine, just a bit short on the toe, and I'm not willing to undo the ends to fix it. Stubborn lass! :D

But, the biggest news I've saved for last.

I bought a spinning wheel! It's a Lendrum DT complete, which means it has two treadles and came with all sorts of attachments and extra bits. I named it "Lenny," for obvious reasons. I'd been borrowing Molly's wheel since she was deep in her exam spree, and decided that I do like spinning enough to want a wheel of my own.

Since April, I've done several different yarns. Betsy gave me some plain brown wool; I had roving from Rhinebeck last year; and I'd bought two types of roving at this year's Homespun Yarn Party. All these yarns are spun now!

I bought more roving from DBNY, and am spinning that with Lenny. I'm aiming for 2-ply fingering, which means I need to make very skinny singles and then twist them together. It's so relaxing, and also a lot of fun to see a big pile o'fluff turn into actual yarn-like substances!

And that's the latest news from Baltimore, my friends. Wheeeee!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Spoiler Post: Mass Effect 3

I finished it last week, fastest I've ever completed a game (and I am one of those who rarely finish games). Despite a couple of nights of rage-quitting, my extreme dislike of first person shooters (or third person shooters, or whatever), I soldiered on to the bitter end and then felt completely empty.

Even after sitting through the credits and being rewarded with essentially the "this is all just a story" cutscene, I felt betrayed, lost, confused, depressed, and angry. One review somewhere said that if the game made you feel something, then they've done their job. In this case, I heartily disagree.

From the first moment my Shepard said something that I instantly responded with, "That's not what my Shep would say," I knew I was headed for disappointment. I spent hours and hours with her through ME1 and ME2, and knew which lines felt right in her particular situation. My Shep worked hard to bring people together. My Shep (well, this version anyway) was honorable, decisive, willing to do what it took because she intended to save the galaxy and not just Earth.

Every time I had to choose lines that hinted all she cared about was getting help for Earth, I died a little. My Shep cared about Earth, of course, but she wouldn't have obsessed on it. Getting krogans and tunarians and salarians to do things for the ultimate goal of saving the whole galaxy would make sense. Getting them to do these things so the tunarians could head right to Earth while their planet was being destroyed didn't. My Shep wasn't like that.

At the conclusion of the Mordin storyline, I cried because it was a poignant moment. That's emotion that the game evoked from an appreciable standpoint. I felt a connection to the character Mordin, and when the final moments played out, they felt true to both his character and mine.

Unfortunately, there were too many parts where the rest of the game tried to manipulate me into the same emotional reaction. Too many times where a character I thought for sure was dead would come bouncing back. Too many times where it seemed someone shouldn't have died, but did.

In particular, I rage-quit the evening I played through the asari temple. That was completely and utterly a stupid way to push the story along. I was winning the fight, and they threw in some random crap and made me lose. Excuse me? Really? Perhaps you should've taken into account the fact that sometimes Shepard wins, and then developed an alternative story from there.

I also nearly rage-quit when Thane's story seemed to resolve itself in cutscenes. Fortunately, that redeemed itself later with another, more honestly evocative moment. But still... manipulated to that end, I went dragging my heels into the ground, quoting my favorite internet cat, "No no no no no!"

But my most virulent dislike is the actual conclusion. You run a gauntlet of shooter missions and cannot save the game between the last handful of wave events, and so you're pushed along toward an inevitable conclusion that sells itself short by means of long exposition (how come I can't shank the Illusive Man?); confusing child character dropped in from pretty much nowhere (is this some sort of metaphor for something?); game mechanics no longer working as they had all along (why must I spend so much time hobbling along. Didn't I spend exhorbitant sums on the best armor which can heal me?); and meaningless choices at the end.

Oh, that's right. It's just a game. If I want something better, I can just wait for new DLC and pay for more. Which, by the way, is pretty much what happens! If you sit through the credits, you get a little WTF cutscene, and then a cheerful on-screen message inviting you to enjoy playing your Shepard again and buy some DLC.


On the bright side, I am now free to play my other imported Shepards to see how their romances and alignment affects things and won't have to play through that horrible ending ever again.

To that end, I imported my very first FemShep, created before I'd played ME1, and so it's interesting to observe the differences. This is Thane's girlfriend, so I visited him in hospital and was amused to note that my suggestion we take some alone time means we do the deed (or so it seems) in the hospital waiting room in front of a giant window. So much for privacy, Shep! :)

Monday, January 02, 2012

Companionable Mitts

Lazing away, and so glad that these mitts are done (I finished them on the plane returning from my holiday in Seattle) as the temperature has dropped significantly. It'll be in the 30s this week, after such balmy 50s - 40s since November.

Rose Tyler mitts, of which I've knit three pairs, are gorgeous, and these purple ones are for me. They're in Kate's new dk weight yarn, a soft and squishy single-ply superwash merino. It reminds me a lot of Malabrigo in its luxurious feel. Mmmmmm!

But why would I need to make 3 pairs...?

The first pair was for Christina, to whom I'd lent all my Dr. Who DVDs last year. She admired Rose as the Companion, and so I knit a pair for her in a lovely Louet Riverstone, in the aptly named colorway Rose.

In a lovely quirk of fate, I ended up being Christina's Secret Santa at the office, so I left her little things every Monday in December, finally ending up with the packet containing scented handmade soap, and these mitts. She wore them around the office all day, and was completely thrilled. Yay!

The second pair is in Miss Babs Yummy Sport, and is the exact weight called for in the pattern. I started them, thinking I'd keep them for myself. Then Kate accepted a job at 38 Studios, hired away from us by my nemesis, Mr. Moorgard. :(

I've always told Kate that I'd never knit anything for her as she's a great knitter herself. As I knit away on this pair of mitts, Kate complimented their color (which is a lovely rusty punkin), and suddenly, they became in my mind Kate's mitts. And so, I gave them to her for Christmas. They're perfect for her, and she wore them on her vacation to Scotland. I'd suggested that she take pics of the mitts at various locations during the trip, like folks do with gnomes and such, and she did. :) Her album's on Facebook, but for some reason, every time I try to link to a thing today, Blogger's interface messes it up, so no links for you!

But trust me, her mitts had a great time. :)

Later today, I'll do my 2012 tarot reading. I thought about it last night, but was caught up in downloading books from to my new Kindle, gifted to me by my little cherubs. I only wish I'd gotten one sooner; it's fabulous. I've already finished 4 books on it (Pride and Prejudice; The Secret Garden; Heaven to Betsy, and Emily of Deep Valley), and am nearly done with A Little Princess. Why, yes, I do love to re-read old favorites. :)

I also copied in a knitting pattern .pdf, to see how it would work, and it looks pretty decent. Clearly, this is no iPad, but at the least I can carry around various patterns with me to consult with as I knit. Only 20 years to appreciate technology are left to me (to quote Donna), and I hope to make the most of them.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Six Cats

I'm going to get out my camera sometime this weekend to document them. Four cats currently live in my basement, while Mittens and Melody roam around upstairs.

The basement cats belong to Anna, my new roommate. She and I work together, she knits (yay!), and we're both crazy cat ladies. Although, Anna is twice the cat lady I am, given she has twice the cats.

Melody is not very pleased with the new inhabitants. Mittens goes up to the basement door to converse with them, but when we've opened the door to allow co-mingling, he is less forthcoming. Melody growls at them under her breath. She's apparently scarred after living with Scooter, who tormented her the entire time Dan and I lived together. =\

In any case, everyone will have to get along because this arrangement allows Anna and I to both save money, and maybe even turn on the heat once in a while. The price of my heating oil is more than a dollar higher per gallon than it was last winter, when it cost around $1,000 to heat the house. Aiee!

You can see why it's good that Anna can knit. She will want to cover herself with blankets, hats, and gloves to keep from freezing. Indeed, she may move into the basement herself as it is generally the warmest room in the house in winter.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Ohai, Blog :)

Put on your MovieDude voice! In a world filled with distractions, her blog went un-updated for nearly four months....

What have I done? Where did the time go?

As shown in image one, I saw a buncha sheep. Kate, Catherine and I drove up to Rhinebeck for the New York Sheep and Wool festival. It was a blast! Kate worked both days in Miss Babs' booth, while Catherine and I prowled around separately, fondling yarn and ogling sheep, goats, and alpacas. I ate fabled artichokes, and brought back some maple sugar cotton candy for Veronica (and it was pretty tasty; she shared it at knitting night before becoming slightly ill from having so much... hehehe).

Also in the past three months, the sock pattern I designed for Kate's yarn club went out. It's called Kaguya-hime, and was part of her World Folktales Yarn Club shipment for September. I also wrote the re-telling of the story, and made some little Japanese paper bookmarks to go with the pattern. The pattern will be available for non-Club members in December! Yay!

What I liked about this sock pattern is that it was easy to memorize and customize. I also used a band heel for it, which worked out really well as it's a simple style that's perfect for two-at-a-time Magic Loop socks. At first, I used info on it that I found on the internet, but after doing one pair of socks following the dimensions on those other instructions, I realized that I didn't particularly like how the heel turned out (even though those socks turned out well), so I changed it up to the version in with my pattern.

I also designed another sock pattern as part of Ravelry's Sock Knitters Anonymous June challenge, but haven't written up the pattern for that as yet. My August socks were knit in a cool cotton blend yarn that Donna gave me for my birthday, so I need to do another pair in actual wool to see how well it works. It's an all-over lace pattern derived from the same Japanese stitch pattern book from which I got the Kaguya-hime stitch. Opera Socks (the cotton socks) will be written up and released later as well. Squee!

And, also for Kate, I designed a shawl for a kit she wants to put together for her Etsy shop. It's called Molly's P'shawl, and the first test knit of it came out rather nicely. I made a half-sized version and gave it to Kate's daughter Lili. Super cute, if I do say so myself, and easy to knit, with a gorgeous lace edging. I'll knit a full-sized one later on, but the first p'shawlette, less than 50 grams, took no more than a couple of days to work up. It would have been done more quickly had I actually spent more time knitting.

For lo! The true reason this blog has languished isn't because of knitting and designing patterns, but the fault of Mass Effect, both 1 and 2. O.o I've done three playthroughs as FemShep, and now have MaleShep nearing the end of ME2, after importing him from ME1.

Dude. I've spent hours at this game (well, both), and I love it! And also, I am tickled to death to learn that Chris (my c-worker) wrote Ashley Williams and Thane Krios, as well as all the planet descriptions for the first two games.

I found out the latter fact when I mentioned how writing nearly 400 Operatives descriptions for The Agency, plus corporate backgrounds (which included bios of all their important people) gave me a case of hating biographies, and that I felt sorry for the person who wrote those planet descriptions. Hehehe!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Good Little Witch

Kevin and Candyce wanted to adopt a baby girl. They filled out forms, they had inspections, they childproofed the house. And not too long ago, they got the call that a beautiful little newborn girl was potentially their forever child.

Her name's Sabrina. In my excitement when Candyce called to tell me, all I could remember was that the name they were planning to use started with S and was a famous fictional witch. :D I kept saying, "Samantha?" Hahaha! :)

I'm so excited for them!

Also so sad because by the time I can get out to meet her in person, Sabrina will likely be at the "I'm afraid of strangers" stage and so I won't get to cuddle her and kiss the top of her head. But we shall see!

Meanwhile, I knit a little dress for her. Other little tiny clothes to follow. Very exciting time and I can't believe how wonderful this is for my bestest friend and my Other Husband!

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

The Opera

There's a Ravelry group called Sock Knitters Anonymous, and each month, they feature a sock designer and particular technique. While I've been a member of the group for a while, June marks my first actual participation. It just sort of worked out that every time they had a theme, I'd already done something similar, or didn't want to knit any of that designer's patterns, or whatever.

June, however, brought a Design Your Own category, and so I did. :) While I initially intended to use a different stitch pattern entirely, I found that I didn't really like how it looked. I did, however, love how this particular stitch knit up. It looks so random on paper, but as you can see in the photo above, there's a lovely, soothing repetitive swirl across it. I love it!

My plan is to write up the pattern and put it up on Ravelry. I think I've found my new passion. Not just knitting socks, but designing them. Yay!

I spent some time this weekend with Mass Effect 2. After having a difficult time with one fight sequence (jumping over concealment objects is really a pain in the ass), I tossed aside the game aside in favor of Civilization Revolution. :) This morning at work, I was telling Anna how I hated the fight mechanics when Chris, who was one of ME2's writers, came in.

He suggested I use the easy/casual setting. :D It had never occurred to me. Hahaha! In any case, I got home from work and did just that, and have now gotten through another objective.

It pays to work with smart people. :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Socks for Me :)

Meet Rainbow Over Lahaina, a feather and fan sock pattern. It feels like forever since I knit a pair of socks for me, which isn't really true, but there you go. I used the yarn that Kate dyed for the first installment of her sock yarn club, World Folk Tales.

I have finished a single sock in the pattern that I'm writing for her to send out in a later shipment. It's been an interesting process. When I started writing the pattern, most of my yarn stash is variegated, so the pattern doesn't show up as much. After finishing a pair of long-suffering cable socks, I decided to use what was left to knit up a single, large-size sock to photograph for the pattern.

It turned out rather nicely, and enabled me to see where I wanted to make adjustments to the final pattern instructions. I spent some time this weekend writing down the changes I've made, including an adjustment to the heel I'm using: the band heel.

This is an old-fashioned heel style, also known as the German heel. It's really simple to do, but the end result on my first attempts was a shallow heel cup and that worried me. I usually wear my socks with clogs anyway, so having the pattern come almost all the way to the floor is okay, but it can be an issue if one wears socks with enclosed shoes. To test a theory, I knit it a slighly different way on the Rainbow Over Lahaina socks and it was perfect! Yay! So that's the version that's going into the pattern.

Now I just need to write the story to go along with my pattern, and to make the little bookmarkers that Kate will include with the shipment when it goes out. Very exciting!

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Strawberry Fields Forever!

Veronica and I got up early. That's not so unusual, except that it's Saturday. Our goal: strawberries!

As you might guess from the photo, we were successful. We drove up to Brown's Orchards and picked our own. It's been close to 30 years since I last picked strawberries, though I'm not sure why. We were pretty early, but there were already quite a few people in line to pay for what they'd gathered, or out in the fields.

I wish I'd brought my camera. When we finished picking, Veronica and I sat in the sun beside peach trees laden with tiny, fuzzy fruit. The skies were clear, and the hills spread out before us, farmland tucked up between them. The day was absolutely perfect for being outside and doing something fun with a friend!

After an exciting ride in the field van, we paid for our berries (and learned that there were three women named Tracy there today; I so rarely ever encounter any others), then headed to the Brown's store to get some lunch before heading home.

My goal is to make a little bit of strawberry freezer jam with some of my berries. I cleaned up half of them, froze those on sheet pans, and will cook them down later. And, of course, I had to have some immediately, too! Following Veronica's suggestion, I made a shortcake of one of my favorite Brown's cookies, whipped some cream, and voila! Dessert!

I took a nap after eating it. :) What a happy day!

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Cabbie, the Coffee, and the Chai

The morning I left Seattle, both Kev and Candyce had to work, so I made arrangements for a "limo" service to pick me up and take me to the airport It's not really a limo; they call it that for the prestige. The rate was reasonable, and I did like the fact that they'd send a clean car to get me.

I've been in cabs in Seattle before, and was always surprised at how filthy they are. My mother was a cab driver, and her car was kept pretty clean, if a bit cluttered; she did a lot of crochet while driving, so her front seat often had bags of crochet cotton and paperwork. In Hawaii, cabs are often the personal car of the driver rather than a bulky "yellow cab" vehicle, so there's more pride of ownership. In any event, when given the choice, I chose a vehicle that wouldn't be a grubby mess.

The driver arrived in an Escalade. It seemed like overkill to me, just one passenger, but it was really clean.

I like clean :D

His name was Deepak. He lived nearby, which is why he had been assigned to get me. Before we'd even left the hilltop where Kev and Candyce's house is, he'd told me all about his daughters and I'd told him about my sons. As we continued down the hill, I asked, "Could we stop to get some coffee before we get to the airport?"

We drove through one of my favorite little stands in Factoria, Jazzed. This is definitely something I miss about Seattle: you can find good coffee everywhere. I offered to buy Deepak some coffee, but he declined, saying he'd pay for his own. I got a latte; he got a chai.

As we continued onward to the airport, the talk suddenly turned spiritual. I don't even remember what brought it on, but Deepak was full of generic advice, guidance, and counsel. It was sort of like being in a cab with Deepak Chopra. In a way, I did need to hear everything he said, because I was so sad about leaving again, and already missing Candyce so much. I wonder if he picked up on my unhappiness and wanted to console me somehow?

At one point, while discussing Osama Bin Laden, I said that it disturbed me how people were celebrating his death, because it was after all the death of another human. Deepak said after a moment, "I appreciate your gentle nature and compassionate spirit, but that man was evil." How many times has your cab driver ever complimented your nature, my friends? :D

When we reached the airport, Deepak helped me out of the car and smiled at me. "Your kindness in offering me coffee... I didn't know you, and so I paid for my own chai. But now I feel that I know you, and I am very appreciative of your thoughtfulness."

I've never had a more pleasant, if surreal, cab ride before.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

On Being an Owl

Some friends of mine are going through a rough patch. I don't know what I should do to help them, or if I should do anything more than listen, sympathize, offer hugs.

My reading came out sideways! Well... okay, the photo is sideways and I don't know how to fix that. Anyway...

I like that the outcome card is Page of Pentacles. She's grounded, yet surrounded by the lightness that grows from the pearl in her hand. And, of course, I love the owl perched nearby. This is clearly me. :)

This is a new deck for me, the Shadowscapes deck. The imagery is gorgeous, and the book that came with it is a lyrical joy to read. I bought this when Candyce and I went to the East West Bookstore in Seattle.

How I miss living there. I miss the city, my friends there, the weather... and yet, I love the East Coast, too.

In any event, I am a rock. And an Owl. My purpose is to be there for my friends, to hold up a light for them when they're feeling the need to talk about their troubles, to hold them when they cry, to hoot softly and nibble their ears.

Well. Most of that stuff anyway. :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Going Visiting :)

I'm going on a good, old-fashioned one-week holiday! Yay!

My destination: Chez Candyce and Kevin, where I will get to snuggle up in "my room," fold laundry, and relax a bit while finishing Candyce's socks.

They are coming along gorgeously. Jeannie graciously helped me at knitting night last night, advising me on different ways I could do the heel so that it comes out evenly (unlike the heels on the first pair I made). I'll work on that this weekend so that when I'm in Seattle, all I'll need to do is finish off the foot to fit Candyce perfectly.

No photos yet, as I want her to see it in person in all its glory first :)

The loudest birds on the street visit the church across from me. They arrive around 5AM and stay there till 6:30AM. I could sleep in my back bedroom instead of the front one, but I generaly like listening to street sounds. I mean, why live in the city if the noise bothers you, no?

My back still bothers me and it pisses me off. I'm on more ibuprofen than I've ever taken for such a long time. The doctor is easing my mind on that by running a blood test to make sure I haven't overdosed on midichlorians or something. And I'm on Skelaxin (aka, Skeletor), which does not make me drowsy.

Listen to how quiet it is now. Only cute little songbirds are still outside my window. Every so often, a car goes whooshing past. I can hear a large truck rumbling a couple of blocks or so away (maybe the fire trucks getting ready to roll or something).

Friday, April 08, 2011

You Spin Me Right Around!

That's the song the little birdies chirped as they circled my head the other day when I hit the ground ass-first.

It was not a graceful vision.

But, I am now on new muscle relaxants that purported do not make one drowsy, or so my doctor says the pharmaceutical rep told her. I'm not sure about the drowsy stuff, but it does make my head spin a little about an hour after I take it. That's its main side effect, apparently.

Possibly due to being unable to think coherently, between dizzy and a painful place, I had a lot of trouble knitting since landing on my butt. I hope this clears up as I need to make more progress on Candyce's socks. That way, I can finish them up and give them to her when I go out there to visit in a couple of weeks.

Yay for visiting! Boo for dizzy-making drugs!

I also started, ripped, started, ripped, started, ripped and started a new pattern called Not a Drop. It requires a lot of concentration because it's difficult to repair any mistakes in a prior row, given that it's reversible. But I love how it looks, so simple and elegant, and this yarn (an Ella Race Lace Merino that Kate bought for me last year) really looks gorgeous in it.

I hope my mind clears up some. I hate being woozy and wobbly.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Bad Dreams

Dreams are so weird, how you can be watching something happen then suddenly be in the action. I know why I had this bit of a dream, but that didn't make it any better.

Cassie (that's her in the pic, one of the lead figures in The Agency, the game that I worked on which was cancelled yesterday... I had done her temp voice overs when I was at SOE-Seattle) and some guy were waiting for a helicopter to pick them up at a resort. The couple wasn't working, they were on a holiday and the helicopter ride was to be a tour overlooking the islands.

The helicopter lowered enough so that Cassie could pull herself up into it and I thought, "That's what's important; she can do pull ups supporting her own weight."

Once she and her companion were inside the helicopter, I saw things from her point of view. The pilot turned the chopper slightly in order to begin the tour. I realized that Dan was Cassie's companion as I asked the pilot how long he'd been doing tours. He said he hadn't been licensed yet.

"You at least have a pilot's license?" I laughed. I glanced out a side window and noticed that the water was being whipped into waves by the rotors and that we were slowly falling into the water as the pilot manuevered.

We hit the water and I said, "Open the door; equalize the pressure!" The pilot was fumbling with belts and locks and seemed concerned only with his own safety. Dan sat still. I shrugged his hand from my shoulder and grabbed the door handle, taking a deep breath. Water filled the cabin as I opened the door and began to climb out.

And awoke, upset. Stupid dreams.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Expected Surprises

Probably not terribly unexpected, but my former office closed today. What sucked is that some jerk who got some insider info started tweeting about it last night, so that entire offices of affected employees woke up to frantic texts, emails, and calls asking them if they were okay... but they didn't get the official word until 11AM.

You know who you are, you insensitive, media-seeking jerk. I cannot even imagine what would make someone's need to be the center of the universe be so overwhelming that he can't step away from the internet for just a few hours so that all these people can find out in a much more appropriate way. Jerk.

Anyway, I've often felt very fortunate in my career choices. Moving to Maryland was sudden, but it was also a choice made while considering the future of the position I'd held. And when you reach the point where you can no longer honestly enjoy your job, well, there you go!

The irony is that when I left, I hadn't even really been looking for a new job. Dan was the one who had been sending out resumes and going on interviews. A recruiter contacted me out of the blue, and within a very short space of time, I was offered my current position.

So lucky. And yet, so survivor-guilty. And yet again, so glad to be where I am.

I hope the guys and gals that I'd worked with land on their feet. I'm sure that they will, even the ones (dare I say it?) whose past choices might have changed the way today went.

My Other Husband will find a good position. I wish he'd come out here and bring Candyce with him. :) Knit-worthy Jose will find something, too, I'm sure.

It's just tonight where it's all so sudden and new and mind-numbing that everything seems strange.

Monday, March 28, 2011


Cookie A.'s socks are gorgeous things, created from eye-popping charts. Well, I am failing in my first O.W.L. attempt for the Ravelry Harry Potter group as I've decided not to finish my Cookie A. Stricken sock.

At least, not yet. I bought the pattern last year and it is one that I want to do, but the deadline is looming and I've made mistakes in the cables that I just don't like. If I'm going to do these socks, I want to do them right and that means taking my time with them.

Instead of killing myself to get them done and then hating them every time I wear them, I decided to set them aside to do a bit of knitting I really want to do. I'm making Candyce's Tree of Life socks in absolutely scrummy purple Miss Babs, as well as a light purple Rock Creek Yarn that I picked up yesterday at the Homespun Yarn Party.

You can't imagine how wonderful it feels to not be stuck with Stricken right now. :) I knew I was not going to finish them when it took me an hour to carefully color-code the chart and make sure I had indicated which symbol did what to get the heels done, then realized I'd color-coded the wrong rows. Le sigh!

And so, I slipped Stricken onto dpns to use those needles on Candyce's sock. It'll be fun to do this pattern for her!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Snow

It's a light little dusting on the sidewalks and street. It's cold enough out there for more snow, but we are told it will change to rain.

A good thing, too, as several of us are making a road trip to Homespun Yarn Party at Savage Mill. I don't need more yarn (she keeps saying this), but I love road trips with fellow yarnies!

Kate's been dyeing yarn lately, and it's so cool to see how she's been progressing. She's got an Etsy shop set up now, A Hundred Ravens, so I told her she ought to come to the Yarn Party to see her competition :D

Weekend started off very nicely! I'd gone over to Christina's and we had sushi while watching Dr. Who. It's been a long week, though, so I dragged myself home after a couple of episodes. She's been introduced to the rebooted Dr. Who now, so I suspect she will be borrowing all my DVDs soon :D

Somehow while I slept, I did something to my shoulder, and it hurts to raise my arm or turn certain ways. Yesterday it hurt so bad that I ended up taking a muscle relaxant in the afternoon. It's worn off now, but I can't take another until after our drive to and from Savage, as it wipes me completely out. And I would rather be wiped out by fondling precious handpainted, handspun yarns than by drugs today!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

It's the Other Husband's Birthday!

The photo's from his 2009 birthday party :) And there's Candyce when she was blonde. Happy birthday, Other Husband!

I miss being there. Candyce has had more migraines in the past year than I remember her having before. But then, she's always been someone who helps others and may not have always mentioned it when her head hurt. I want her to get better. She deserves to be healthy, happy, and whole.

Very sad about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. I spent some time in Sendai during my Army Reserve days, and it was a beautiful Seattle-like city. And also, my little cherub Phil's exchange student host family lives in Iwate prefecture, which suffered the worst damage. He visited them after his high school graduation as well, and they were so, so good to him. I hope he hears from them.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tree of Life

Not bad for a weekend's work. Rearranged all the stitches to set up the heels. They're turning out nicely, although I'll make some changes for the next pair of these. I didn't like working the tree portion across the break between the needles. It felt sloppy, and the stitch definition definitely suffered a bit. I plan to do the rearranging of the stitches much earlier so that I can see the tree coming to life as I go.

I might overstitch a little owl shape into one of the branches. Maybe :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Good, the Bad, and the Missing

Last week, during all the snow and ice, some asshole hit Jane Grey, crumpled up her left front door and didn't leave a note. It took a couple of days for me to get a cop over (since it wasn't life-threatening) to write up a report. She will need $1,500 in repairs, and I will need to pay just the deductible... but still, she will be in the shop for a week.

The only amusing thing about Jane's accident is when Officer Davis and I were saying our farewells, Melody tried to make a dash out the front door. I pulled the storm door closed and it locked behind me. Fortunately, Officer Davis knows how to kick in a door (she was so funny, saying excitedly, "I never get to do this!"), and I was soon back indoors where it is warmer than 20 degrees.

On Sunday, we went to Sweitzer's for Heather's un-Superbowl party. It also happened to be Kristy's birthday, and I had planned to make cupcakes to take. Alas, thinking about baking wasn't enough to conjure up the eggs that would be necessary for anything!

And so, I went to Icedgems in Reisterstown and bought a dozen little beauties to take with me. The frosting is slightly sweeter than even I prefer, but they are very tasty!

It wasn't until Monday night that I realized my purple shopping bag was gone. Before the road trip, I tossed in some Alpaca Silk, my entrelac sock project, and my new copy of Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders, a couple of extra 40" cable circulars. I honestly don't remember taking it into the shop. We'd stopped at Brown's on the way and I had put my cookies and apple cider into my shopping bag, and it was cold enough to leave them in the car while we knit.

Nevertheless, although the cookies and cider are in the house, the purple bag and its contents are not. I went through every closet, cabinet, looked under beds and tables. That bag is gone.

This morning, I need my crochet hook which is mixed in with all my DPNs. Some of them I inherited from my mom, most of them are ones that I procured in the past couple of years, including all of my favorite Darn Pretty needles. The entire container is missing, and I remember now that I had wanted to take it with me in case I finished all of my knitting projects, or some such nonsense.

The original loss was under $100, so it was upsetting, but mostly I'm annoyed that I couldn't find the stupid bag. With all these missing DPNs into the mix, I'm probably $200+ in disappeared stuff. :\

I'm usually so methodical about where I set things down because I know I can be scattery. Yet again, no little red container of DPNs in any of its usual spots.

Hopefully, I did actually take it into Sweitzer's and left it there. I'm waiting to hear back from Heather to see if she's found it. If not, then I add this to my litany of woe from the past week.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


– simple socks by Owlchick.

This is the pattern for a pair of socks I knit last year and submitted to Cherry Tree Hill for a sock contest. They didn't win, but this is the only knitting pattern I've ever written up before, so I wanted to post it. :)

The Dimholt Road leads from Dunharrow to the Paths of the Dead...

Peter Jackson's Return of the King happened to be TV the night I received my skein of Middle Earth yarn, and I noticed that the colors in this skein were very similar to the scenes near the Rohirrim’s encampment. These socks feature a simple four-stitch repeat over eight rows that's a journey from cuff toward the toe.

Easy to memorize, quick to knit, and with a pebbly diagonal texture that's reminiscent of an ancient road.

Gauge = 8 stitches per inch in stockinette
Yarn = Cherry Tree Hill Fingerpaints Supersock Self Stripes (shown in 1001 - Middle Earth), 420 yards
Needles = Sample was knit using Kollage square 40 inch circulars in US size 3, which works up for me in an equivalent of US Size 2, 2.75 mm. I knit two-at-a-time Magic Loop, but the pattern is easily knit on DPNs, two circulars, or one-at-a-time Magic Loop.
Size = Sample is Women's US 8.5. Sizes are easily adjusted by adding or removing 4-stitches as needed.

Stitch Pattern:
Round 1 – K2, P2
Round 2 – K2, P2
Round 3 – P1, K2, P1
Round 4 – P1, K2, P1
Round 5 – P2, K2
Round 6 – P2, K2
Round 7 – K1, P2, K1
Round 8 – K1, P2, K1

Note – You can easily mirror the diagonals across the socks if you prefer by reversing the rows in the pattern, creating a left and a right sock. The sample pair is knit in one direction of diagonal so that I can wear each sock on either foot.

Cast on 64 stitches using your favorite cast-on method to provide a stretchy edging. I prefer a knit-on cast-on method as it leaves me with very little excess tail... because I always mess up my longtail cast on with too much yarn. =)

Join to knit in the round, making sure not to twist the stitches. Mark the beginning of the round with a stitch marker, if desired. I usually leave the cast-on tail dangling as my marker.

K2, P2 ribbing for 1 inch, then start Dunharrow's diagonal rib pattern.

Work rounds 1 – 8 eight times, or to your desired length. Eight repeats gave me a 6-inch leg before beginning the heel. I have enough leftover yarn upon completing the socks to have done another two repeats of the pattern.
Make a note of which round you stop with if you do not do the complete eight rounds of the pattern, as you'll continue from that point after you create the heel.

The heel is knit over half the total number of stitches, or 32 stitches.
Round 1 (Right side row) - +Slip 1, K1+ Repeat + - +, ending with K1
Round 2 (wrong side row) – Slip 1, purl across
Round 3 (RS) – Slip 1, +K1, Slip 1+ Repeat + - +, ending with K2
Round 4 (wrong side row) – Slip 1, purl across (fixed error 06/2011)

Repeat these four rounds until the heel is at least 2-1/4 inches in length. As I have a high instep, I generally knit until 2-1/2 inches.

Turning the heel:
Start the heel turn on a right side round.
Round 1 – Slip 1, K18k, SSK, K1, turn
Round 2 – Slip 1, P7, P2tog, P1, turn
Round 3 – Slip 1, K to within 1 stitch of the gap (you'll notice the gap on the prior row), SSK using one stitch from either side of that gap, K1, turn
Round 4 – Slip 1, P to within 1 stitch of the gap on the prior row, P2tog using one stitch from either side of that gap, P1, turn

Repeat rounds 3 and 4 until you've gone back and forth across all the stitches, reducing to 20 stitches total on the needle holding your heel stitches.
End on a right side row.

Pick up stitches along the slipped stitch edges of the heel flap toward the instep stitches. The number of stitches you pick up will depend upon how long your heel flap is. I picked up 17 stitches total on the sample sock, but on some socks have picked up as many as 21 stitches. When you've picked up stitches along the heel edge, you will be back at the instep needle. Knit across the 32 stitches on that needle in Dunharrow's diagonal stitch pattern.

If you had stopped on any round other than the 8th round prior to starting the heel, you will continue the pattern from wherever you'd left off. Once you've knit across the 32-stitches of the instep in pattern, pick up the same number of stitches along this side of the heel flap as you had down the first side of the heel flap (anywhere from 17 – 21 stitches).

Now that you've got a circle of stitches again, prepare for the gusset decreases. These decreases will take you back down to the original 64 stitches cast on. Consider these rounds as beginning in the middle of the heel, since that will easily divide the decreases equally on both sides of the heel.

Gusset decrease:
Round 1 – Knit to the last three stitches before the instep. K2tog, K1. Knit in pattern across the instep. K1, SSK, K to end of round
Round 2 – Knit all stitches along the heel and gusset. Knit in pattern across the instep.

Repeat these two rounds until you have decreased back down to 32 stitches on the heel; you will keep 32 stitches on the instep throughout this process.

Knit in pattern across the instep. Knit across the bottom of the foot. Keep knitting until you are 1-3/4 to 2-inches from the tip of your toe. Generally, I've found that the leg portion of the sock is roughly the same length as the foot portion of my socks for a US women's size 8.5. You'll want to measure your length to fit your own foot.

Toe Decreases:
Knitting in Magic Loop, I usually start my decreases at the beginning of the instep. Using DPNs, I tend to start at the end of the row on the stockinette/foot side. The main thing is that the decreases are equal on both sides so that you end up with the same number of stitches for grafting.

Round 1: At start of instep needle, K1, SSK. Three stitches before the end of the instep needle, K2tog, K1. On foot stitches needle, K1, SSK. Three stitches before the end of the foot stitches needle, K2tog, K1
Round 2: Knit all stitches
Repeat rounds 1 and 2. For a more rounded toe, repeat only round 1 for the last three rounds to hit the final stitch count.

When there are 8 stitches left on both the instep and the foot stitches needles, graft the toes using the Kitchener stitch.

Weave in your ends as you re-watch The Lord of the Rings.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happiness is a Knit-worthy Friend!

Jose got his hat and scarf in the mail yesterday, and I could practically hear him squee (in a manly tone) all the way from Seattle :D Can't wait for him to take pics of him wearing them!

He bought the yarn in November and sent it to me, and asked for the scarf to be done a certain way. No problems there. I added in the hat from the extra yarn left, and I figured it would be nice to have a matched set.

As "payment," he sent me The Legend of the Guardians, which is a cute movie starring a bunch of owls. And then, even before he got the stuff I'd sent him, he ordered more Malabrigo for me so that I can make myself something.

I'll be awash in Mmmmmmalabrigo... so yummy. I love how it feels, it's so luxurious. Also a big fan of Jose, the most knit-worthy dude I know :D

For my next project, I'm going to cast on Tree of Life socks. This'll be my second pair of colorwork socks, and I'm a little anxious about the sizing, especially after how many tries it took to get the Owlsocks figured out. Not sure if these yarns are the exact ticket, but I like the earthy tones for them. I'm using the dark brown for the tree itself, and the lighter yarn as the main color.

For Ravelry's Harry Potter Knit/Crochet Cup, I'm doing five pairs of socks using different techniques as my Arithmancy OWL. Mind you, I had no idea what an OWL was until Kate babbled nearly incoherently about hers (a very gorgeous shawl) last year. I've been listening to the Harry Potter books on CD, which Molly's been lending to me, so now I finally know what an OWL is. :)

The group's idea is that you start your OWL project after receiving approval from your House's examiner. There are a variety of Hogswartish subjects, broken down into the ways in which students (aka, group members) can achieve success in that subject. I chose Arithmancy, in the option of making at least eight related items by the end of March.

My five Arithmancy socks will be: textured sock (Christina's); toe-up lace socks; colorwork; twisted stitches and cabled socks; and, finally, a pair of entrelac socks. Since I love knitting socks anyway, and was going to knit these at some point this year, I decided to put them into this OWL, which gives my knitting a sense of structure and purpose beyond making nice things.

I like having structure. :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Little Snow, A Long Scarf

It snowed last night! No photos, but trust me, it's quite lovely to see the city street scene outside. Maybe 2, 3 inches total, so nothing at all like last year, but still pretty.

I'm propped up in bed (yay, real bed with headboard!), sipping tea, glancing out the window, and stealing wifi. My back is giving me some twinges and I'm not looking forward to taking the World's Tiniest Snow Shovel to the pavement before heading out to work.

Meanwhile, please enjoy a glance at what I finished yesterday: a scarf for my friend Jose! It's Knit Pick's Moguls Scarf pattern, in a luscious Malabrigo merino worsted. Nom nom nom!

He's such a knit-worthy guy, peppering his emails to me with exclamation points over how excited he is to see this scarf :D I'm currently using the remaining yarn to knit him a hat, too, because I love his enthusiasm! See, even I am moved to exclamation marks!

Last time I knit him a scarf, he bought me yarn to repay me for the time it took. This time, he sent me a Blu-Ray of Legend of the Guardians, which I know I'll love because it's full of owls :)

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy 2011!

A busy end to 2010, and let me tell you, I have never been happier to see a new year. Ever!

Chris came for the holidays, and we crammed as much activity into his visit as we could. The only downer for me is that Phil is off in basic training and so wasn't with us. =\ Still, we talked about him and imagined his take on different things that were going on, so it's almost as though he were with us, too.

Thanks to Chris's presence, I was able to finish Fallout 3, finally. =D Now I just have to play through the add-on packs, but the main story is done. Yay!

I've been doing laundry, dishes, and nibbling on leftovers all day. The house seems so quiet without Chris. I can see him lounging on the couch, playing Halo 3. Or in the kitchen, rummaging for snacks. Or upstairs in the back bedroom, helping me schlep furniture around. I'm glad he came out; I wish he were here all the time.

This year, I'm participating in the Ravelry group "Harry Potter Knitting/Crochet House Cup," despite not knowing much about Harry Potter at all. Kate was in the group last year, and talked so glowingly of her experiences (even the frustrating ones) that I decided to join, too. I sorted into Hufflepuff as a House, which makes sense as every quiz I've taken online points that way.

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

Except for the one that made me INFJ.

Pirate Monkey's Harry Potter Personality Quiz
Harry Potter Personality Quiz
by Pirate Monkeys Inc.

Anyway, will finish up some more laundry and then begin Jose's scarf. It's in gorgeously soft Malabrigo and will be a real treat to knit up for him! If I have any leftover yarn, I'll make him a hat, too. :)